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We believe Customer first, Thus we strive to deliver world class Heating Systems within customers’ budget.
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air bags, aluminium, annealing furnaces, anode pre-heating, anode stub drying, appliances, art glass, audio voice coils, automotive components, bead insulated coils, bimetal thermometers, bioceramics, borosilicate glass, braking resistors, brass, brazing, bronze, cables, carburizing furnaces, cartridge elements (home appliances), cartridge elements (industrial furnaces), cast iron hot plates, casting, cathode pre-heating, ceramic body elements, ceramics, cigarette lighters for cars, circuit breakers, coils immersed in water, compensating cables for thermocouples, container glass, cooking plates, copper melting and annealing, crystal growing, crystalline silicon wafers, defrosting cables, dental furnaces, dental implant sintering, diesel engine pre-heaters, diffusion furnaces, dishwashers, display glass, dosing furnaces, drying, dynamic braking resistors, electric appliances, electric blankets, electric furnaces, electric motor protection, electroceramics, electrodes, electrofusion pipe fittings, electronic components, embedded mica elements, enamelling furnaces, extension cables, ferrites, fiber glass, filters, fire alarms, flame detectors, flat glass, float glass, fuel level indicators, functional ceramics, furnaces, fuses, galvanizing furnaces, glass, glass mosaic, glass tempering, glass tubing, glow plugs for diesel engines, gold, hair dryers, hard disk drive coils, hardening furnaces, heat shielding, heat treatment furnaces, heating cables, heating elements for home appliances, heating elements for industrial furnaces, high-temperature cables, holding furnaces, home appliances, home heating, household appliances, igniters and flame detectors, ignition coils, immersion heaters, infrared heaters and dryers, irons, kanthal wire, kanthal strip, kanthal ribbon, kerosene-fired appliances, kettles, laboratory furnaces, ladle drying and ladle heating, lead crystal glass, lehrs, load bank resistors, loud-speakers, lpcvd furnaces, medical glass, melting furnaces, mesh, metal sheathed tubular elements, mica elements, motor coils, nichrome wire, nichrome strip, nichrome ribbon, opal fluoride glass, open coil heating elements, optical glass, overload protectors, paint drying, paper drying, pdp glass, photovoltaic cells, piezoelectric ceramics, potentiometers, pottery, powder drying, power resistors, precious metals, precision resistors, primary aluminium, quartz tube elements, radio-shielded cables, reed switches, refractories, refrigerators, resistors, rice cookers, rodding shops, rope heaters, sanitary ware, seal quench furnaces, seat heaters, semiconductors, silicon wafers, sintering furnaces, soda lime glass, solar cells, solar glass, soot filters for diesel engines, steatite, steel heat treatment, suspended elements, switches, tableware, tapping tube smelter, tempering furnaces, tft glass, thermocouples, thermopiles, thermostatic components, tiles, titanium heat treatment, toasters, traditional ceramics, transducers, transformers, tubular elements (for home appliances), tumble dryers, underfloor heating cables, varistors, washing machines, waste incineration, white goods, windscreen defrosting, wire mesh,
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